What do you mean by email marketing?


Question by Mito: What do you mean by email marketing?

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Answer by Gris Illag
Email marketing means trying to sell products through emails. You as a marketer build up a mailing list of contact over times through various different ways (e.g. opt-in forms coming with free downloadable ebooks or product demos on your site), and then you simply create emails and send them to the contact list telling them about your product, promoting your product (or someone else’s product, if you’re an affiliate marketer) in order for them to buy it.

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  1. When you inform others about your product or services by sending emails, then it is called email marketing. It is important to note that it would be considered marketing when you send out emails to the people you know or who have subscribed to you; sending promotional emails to unknown people would be considered as spamming.

  2. Email marketing is a way to sell your product by sending emails. There is a lot of email marketing service provider are available which helps you to do this task. Email marketing helps you to sell your product and promote it so that the customer will take interest in it.

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